Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Can You Sleep Like That?

One of my writing buddies is Cheech the Cat.

He's a red tabby (although he looks orange and white.)

My daughter says his real name is Chee Chee "El Estomago" Von Schnitzel.  That's quite a cultural mix.

El Estomago means "the stomach" in Spanish.  He sure is The Stomach.  He will eat practically anything including trying to steal pizza right out of the delivery box!  Naughty cat.

He also likes to contort his body into small, cozy spaces.

The other day he was laying on my bed while I was writing.  I had to take some pictures.

Is this position actually comfortable?

Can he sleep like that?

Apparently the answer to these questions is simply, yes!

Today I'm linking up with Parenting by Dummies' Wordful Wednesday.  Go check it out!

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