Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Call Me Bat Girl

This past weekend, I took a class at Como Zoo about BATS!

Why bats? Because I had to take a class to renew my teaching license and I didn't want to take another Classroom Management type class.

Plus, I love Steph (the teacher) and all the classes at Como Zoo.

Here are 5 Bat Class Take-Aways.

1. Something I thought I'd never hear myself say:

"That bat is soooo cute!"

- Most bats = not so cute. Some bats (Flying Foxes/Fruit Bats, think Stellaluna) like this one are very cute!

2. Something I thought I'd never do (or enjoy):


- Steph had us go geocaching with a GPS and a "Bat Capture Data Form." We probably walked about a mile. I had to take off my three inch platform sandals and walk barefoot. Thank goodness for nice weather!

3. Something I didn't know:

Minnesota has 7 species of bats

- None are the cute kind. But they are FABULOUS because they eat lots of bugs and help pollinate plants. Be nice to our bats. They rock!

4. Something I'm glad is a myth:

Bats do NOT want to fly into my hair

- People usually stand under a light at night. Bugs like light. Bats like bugs. Thus, bats sometimes fly toward our heads. Not because they want to get stuck in our hair. Because they want to eat the bugs!

5. Something that is hard to believe, but true:

Bats are not flying mice. They are most closely related to LEMURS! (huh?)

- Yes, bats are closer to lemurs (as in cute Madagascar primates) than anything else. But really, bats are their own unique kind of mammal.


Cliff, the Fruit Bat, visited us during class. Cliff (at 20 years-old) is a senior citizen and retired from his Como Zoo duties. We're glad he was up for a visit.

See his little furry fox face? And his cute little ears?

Thus, my comment, "He is sooo cute!"

But despite his cuteness, bats do not make good pets. Really, no wild animal does. Pythons, Lions, Wolves, Bears. Not such a good idea. Although some dummies try it. I say, stick to cats, dogs, and hamsters. They're even cuter than bats!


  1. I had a very bad bat experience in some caves in Missouri, I still have bad dreams about it...good for you for finding the good in an animal that terrifies many!

    1. I've never had a bad bat experience, which is probably why they don't bother me much. Having said that, I seriously don't want one living in my house! They can stay outside and eat mosquitoes.