Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Road Trip - Day 2: Handwriting Analysis & a Grammar Quiz

After a yummy breakfast at the B&B, Juliana and I were back on the road for our Mother/Daughter Road Trip.

Destination: Grand Marais, MN

My parents live in the woods, above Lake Superior. Originally, we had planned to cross country ski during this vacation, but since the snow was very slushy, we decided to make our own fun.

My mom pulled out a Hand Writing Analysis Book from 1958.

Here are some things we found out:

1. "Negative people write small. Positive people write large."
- John Hancock must have been a VERY positive person.

2. "How is Your Self Respect?"
a. Small capital "I" = Low Self Respect
b. Capital "I" same size as all capital letters = "Reasonable Self Respect"
b. Very large capital "I" = "Exaggerated Self Respect." "You will be conceited" and if you are also an out-going person, "you will annoy other people."

- Apparently, I vacillate between having "reasonable self respect" and being conceited and annoying.

3. Crossing Your "T's"
- There are 29 different ways to cross your "t's." And they all mean something different, from strong willed and flirtatious nature, to sarcastic and "brutal course nature."
- Which am I? I'm not telling.

Then, Mom found a Grammar Book from 1941.

OK. I admit it. I'm a grammar snob.

I credit this entirely to my mother who corrected me ALL the time! (Also, I'm an English teacher and good grammar comes in handy.)

Here's a little grammar test. Which sentence is correct?

1. He reads good.
2. He reads well.

ANSWER: Number "2."

1. Can you borrow me some milk?
2. Can you lend me some milk?

ANSWER: Number "2." I really hate this one.

1. This is a secret between you and I.
2. This is a secret between you and me.

ANSWER: Tricky one. The answer is number "2"- "you and me."

Whew! After all that brain strain, we called it a day.

Tomorrow: Eating at the Blue Water Cafe and buying books at Drury Lane.


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  2. I did well on the quiz, I get so frizzled when folks use "myself" incorrectly.

    1. It's funny how some grammar errors bother us more than others. "Less" and "Fewer" bugs me because I've seen it incorrectly used on billboards and TV. Who's checking these things?

      I love that you get "frizzled!" Great word!

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