Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's My Birthday - Here's What You Can Get Me

Today I'm turning 44 years old.

Since, 44 seems to be about right smack in the middle of my life (if I'm fortunate), I decided to make a list of things I would really love and appreciate in the 2nd half of my life.

So, if you get me (or guarantee me) any of these items, I will be your BFF forever!

1. More Sun.
- This can be delivered in the form of multiple sunny vacations, a second home in Florida, Hawaii or the Caribbean, or possibly a sun lamp.

2. A Cleaning Servie
- I love having a clean, tidy house. But I want someone else to do the work.

3. A Great Literary Agent
- I think it's about time in my writing career to have a professional partner.

4. A New Pair of Dansko Clogs
- I wear clogs a lot and my old pair is wearing out.

5. More Flair Pens
- I love colored pens. You can never have enough.

6. A Professional Gardener/Landscaper
- I love beautiful gardens and yards. But since I don't know what I'm doing, I'd love someone else to take care of this for me.

7. Blank Notebooks
- Lined, graphed or unlined. Like colored pens, you can never have enough.

8. SpanishLessons
- I'd like to brush up on (re-learn) my high school Spanish and eventually be fluent (or close to fluent.)

9. A Convertible
- I like convertibles.

10. A Long, Happy, Healthy Life (for me, my family, friends, and well . . . everyone.)
- This would be a great gift for anyone!

Thanks in advance. I will be accepting any, or all, of these gifts today and really any time is fine.

Have a great day!

I'm off to tutor Junior High kids. And have homemade pizza for dinner with my family.


  1. Flair pens and blank notebooks, a match made in heaven!