Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My First Facial

My daughter and I both have March birthdays. My daughter is now 14 years old, so I decided we needed a Mother/Daughter Spa Day.

Since we've never had a spa day (and we didn't get that trip to Florida for our birthdays!), I decided we could splurge a little.

This was our Spa Day itinerary:

1. Pedicures

2. Manicures

3. Facials

4. Hair Wash and Style

My Daughter's Favorite Parts of the Day:

The Manicure (she got shiny gold polish),

and the Hair Style.

Her hair looked awesome when the stylist was done! I think good hair is half about the hair cut and half about the styling. It's hard (for me) to re-create the styling at home. But we're trying!

(I forgot my camera. Bad me! So I can't share a cool picture of her with you.)

My Favorite Part of the Day:

The Facial.

I'd like to note that I'm 44 years old and had never had a facial.

I'm obviously not a spa/salon pro.

I mean, I didn't start getting my eyebrows done till I was 30. (And believe me, they could have used some help before then.)

But, now that I've had a facial, I'm going back. Tomorrow! (Well, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.)


Because a facial is like an awesome face massage!

The lights were low, the blanket covering me was warm, soothing music was playing, and the woman doing the facial seemed liked she knew what she was doing. (And wouldn't steal my purse while my eyes were closed.)

She didn't point out my "flaws."

Instead she asked me, "What concerns do you have?"

I could have said any number of face-related concerns. Like where did all those lines come from? Or there's a vein down the middle of my forehead. Or is chin hair inevitable?

Instead, I said, "Some of my skin is a slightly different color."

She was so kind.

She didn't say, "Those are age spots, Honey. You can get all the facials you want and they still won't go away."

Instead she talked about sun damage, wearing more sunscreen, and how we'd focus on evening out my skin tone.

Then she started the facial.

I almost fell asleep.

I almost asked if I could stay all afternoon.

I did ask, "Do people ever fall asleep in here?"

She said, "All the time."

I believe it.

When my facial was done, I actually had to leave that warm, comfy little room.

But, I'll be back.

And so will Juliana.

No, we can't have Mother/Daughter Spa Day every week. Or even every birthday. But, we can go back for a manicure or facial now and then.

It's fun to be pampered. Especially together.


  1. I am a big believer in spa days! Facials are HEAVENLY. I save up my grocery coupon savings to get regular pedicures (my favorite) and I pay big bucks for a really good haircut, as it makes me feel better. I can save money elsewhere, taking good care of yourself is darn important!

    1. I agree completely! Taking care of yourself is important. Feeling good because of an awesome haircut or nice toenails goes a long way!

  2. So envious right now! Your daughter’s nails must have looked awesome! I suddenly remembered my mum. She has never had a facial, and you just gave me an idea how to steal her from her work so she could rest. I’m thinking of taking her to a day spa on her birthday as a present. I’m hoping we’ll have a great time on her first day spa experience!

    Karen Bledsoe

  3. Advance happy birthday to you and Juliana! She’s turning 16 now, right? Of course, you can’t have Spa day every week, and it will get old if you are going spend every birthday doing the same. But a visit every now and then is a great idea. We need such pampering from time to time. Anyway, what about this year? Are you guys planning a Mother/Daughter Spa Day for your birthdays? Lilia, La Fleur de Beaute

  4. Going to the spa with your daughter is one of those wonderful times that you could bond and have some girl time together. I can only imagine the two of you having a debate over the perfect hairstyle or nail color for you! Haha! Anyway, I’m glad that you had a good time trying out facial treatments. It is one of the offers that you shouldn’t miss out in a spa. All the best!

    William Connors @ The Healing Station